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On Offer Is this Beautiful T Style Thinline Which was my Personal Studio Guitar 

Flame Maple Top  Mahogony Back   Kinman Bridge Pickup  DiMarzio Neck Pickup.

Locking Tuners    Strap Locks  All High End .

Professional Setup Using State of the Peterson Strobe Dialed Right in  Great Feeling and Playing Guitar . Send us a Message for the Full Spec Sheet . 


A steal for $1299 plus Shipping              Shipped in a Hard Case

USA Shipping Only on Full Guitar Builds 

Necks we are still Shipping Worldwide

Ships Within 2 Days

Address     Parklane Guitars                      PO BOX 582 

                    Beuna NJ 


Please Contact us for the Address in which to Mail a Re-Fret Job   Thank You 

On Sale  25% off  This Very Guitar  Pictured Here


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609 361 4734