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Address     Parklane Guitars                      PO BOX 582 

                    Buena NJ 


Please Contact us for the Address in which to Mail a Re-Fret Job   Thank You 

Update to the current Custom Order Situation:


Making Excellent Headway now on the Big Neck Catchup. Looking very much like ALL of the outstanding orders will be complete and shipped within the next two weeks leading us into our next Phase here at Parklane Guitars. We are expecting to Re-open Custom Order Taking on October 1st 2020 Taking a limited number  to ensure we meet our Turnaround Deadlines on Time in the Future.  It has been a trying time during these strange times with Shipping Delays amongst other problems to say the least but we are excited to be caught up and be moving on past this now . Those of you who have Contacted me at Strange Hours Know I personally have been working around the clock to solve this Schedule problem. Again anyone who is still in the Waiting Zone can breathe easy knowing the necks will ship out very Shortly . There is also a few other changes we are making to Customer Service while the New Orders are in place ..More about that in the next Update . 


Thank You again For Your very kind Patience through these crazy Times 


                                                     Steve P.


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