59 Styled T Type           Options for Real Clay Dots Available

The Vintage styled necks are a little more complex to build than the modern with the Dual trussrods being that they both inherit the feature of a single acting or one way trussrod. This has to be inserted into a curved channel which runs through the center length of the neck . The one piece neck has to have a hole drilled each end on center by precision and the trussrod inserted all the way through . A  maple or walnut dowel plug is added at the headstock to fill the hole and a stripe known as the Skunk stripe is pressed into the back of the neck to contain the Trussrod .   The 59 Style neck also has a curved channel but the fingerboard is attached  after the trussrod is installed . However it takes some skill to construct this neck  with the trussrod nut centered and cut slightly into the underside of the fingerboard.   Once these necks are complete not only do they feel, play, and sound extraordinarily good but they also weigh a lot less than the modern dual acting necks .  

Comes with 50/50 Side Dot Split

Comes with Vintage Single Acting Truss Rod

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About the Vintage Style Features

 One Piece T Style (example)  

59 Styled S Type           Options for Real Clay Dots Available