Custom Order a 59 Spec S or T Type Learn More
      Custom Order         One Piece S or T Type
Link to Upgrades such as Stainless Steel Frets  
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Custom Order This Style Neck  T Type or S Type
Custom Order This Style Neck
No Longer Available
No Longer Available
Custom Order This Style Neck T Type or S Type
Custom Order This All Rosewood Style S or T Style Neck

    Full Roasted      $359 + Shipping

Welcome to the Parklane Guitars Easy Option Page

Here you will have the opportunity to order any one of these Necks that has previously been sold through the In Stock Section. We had a number of enquirys about whether we can re produce some of these  from customers that have unfortunately missed out on these amazing Necks   So here they are up for ordering with the same specs . Just Click on the links and the specs will appear on the next page.  Buy Clicking the Link Below It is possible to add Stainless Frets if you require       ( Thats if the original Neck didnt already come equiped with Stainless)  Also you can add Radius Changes and Back Profile Changes to the white box you will see. The Custom Build Process is currently running at 5 weeks from Ordering 

    Full Roasted      $359 + Shipping

  Heavy   Roasted      $349 + Shipping