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Born in the Uk in 1972 in a town outside of London i was raised and lived until i was 23 Years old and embarked on a Journey to The USA  . I first Picked up a guitar when i was 16 Years old and never looked back. Bought my First Real Guitar  from a store (now closed) in Atlantic City. Payed for it through Playing the local scene and a Kayak (another Story for later) . The First 2 weeks of owning this guitar  i decided i didnt like the sound of it so then my Guitar chopping days  began so to speak.  Screwdriver and Hammer were my only tools.    Im sure many have been There!   Over the years i have been so lucky to have played with and associated with some very talented musicians and had a lot of fun too,  both here in the States and the Uk where i resided over the Millenium time era. After working for myself for years  in construction i finally decided in 2007 that i wanted to become part of a team and put my efforts into working for a company and channel them into what i hoped would grow into a situation where i might retire from eventually.  That Company would be Musikraft in New Jersey  where i spent the next 13  Years of my life primarily in the Fretting  Department although at the beginning i was running between the Fretting and Sanding departments.  I had many many great years there. Some not so good times like anything.  Life began to seem to me that my growth into this industry was beginning to become more and more outside of their work envoiroment and into my own . Fixing Guitars and setups for the locals over the years and then one day i was asked if i could build them a neck. i said sure i dont see why not and then Parklane Guitars was Born in 2018 as a side project. At the time i was thinking making 1 or 2 items a Month. Well.....1 or 2 became 3 then 4 and then more more interest was generated around the scene and by the time March of 2020 i finally had to make a decision and leave my Fellows of Musikraft and follow my own dreams.  This couldnt have been possible without my first dedicated customers and i Thank You all for helping me acheive my Dreams. Im here to tell you all,  Dreams can become Reality if you work hard at it .


      Steve Parker